Are You Feeling Overwhelmed With Preparing Family Meals and Kids Lunch Boxes?

Does all the contradictory information on health and nutrition make it seem like being healthy is just too hard?
Would you love to have easy access to great tips and advice on how to reduce packaged foodslower your sugar intake and make healthy cost effective, fun, easy meals that your whole family will enjoy?
If this sounds like you then you'll love our awesome new online community at Dom's Kitchen Club. You'll get to share ideas and learn new strategies for eating well both at home and on the road. 
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“Informative, honest, funny, great recipes, inspirational.” - Lucy (United Kingdom)

"I love Dom's Kitchen for the great ideas, tips and recipes and because you're real and human. You don't slam people who have different opinions. You show real food eating in real life." - Danielle (New Zealand)

What we're about at Dom's Kitchen?

We're all about REAL FOOD at Dom's Kitchen. I think that too much of the food we and our children eat is overly processed, high in refined wheat and sugar and full of additives and preservatives. I believe that everyone has the right to REAL FOOD. At the same time, I understand that we're all at different stages in the real food journey and we're not about judging. At Dom's Kitchen it's all about learning and sharing in a likeminded community. 

What do we mean by Real Food?

By Real Food we mean food that nourishes our bodies. Food that is grown and raised as nature intended, not manufactured with refined sugars, refined wheat and industrial seed oils and food that is not factory farmed but where the animals are well looked after. Some people call it Paleo. Some call it Just Eat Real Food!

Hello from Claire & Dom!

“We love real food and we're passionate about helping busy people learn more about a REAL FOOD way of eating. We love coming up with fun, easy and delicious recipes for stress free breakfasts, lunches and dinners. We share tips, tricks and information that make it easier to ditch unhealthy processed products and make real food a reality in your life - including in kids lunch boxes!"